Introducing a (slightly darker) vscode theme; dark+ REDUX

  • Tue Nov 13 2018
  • vscode
  • theme
  • dark+
  • darkness

Are you a fan of the Default Dark+ theme in vscode? Wish it was just slightly darker? Well have I got news for you! I’ve released a (slightly) darker variant of the Default Dark+ theme that includes a few visual tweaks to minimise the editor chrome, comments & better highlight typings .etc. I’ve unimaginatively called this new theme dark+ REDUX: Even Darker.

skip the niceties if you like; download here.

So what does it look like?

Check out some further demos on the extension homepage. Any problems or suggestions, feel free to raise a ticket on the github page. While your at it, I’d highly recommend grabbing a ligature style font like the beautiful Dank Mono or if you’re not keen on buying a font, you can patch something like Fira Code to include an italic cursive variant.

Hope you enjoy the theme! If you want to heckle, hit me up on twitter @danharris_io.